KCCHSD Swing Bed Program Kit Carson County Health Service District (KCCHSD) and Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital understand that recovering from surgery, an accident/injury, or illness can be very difficult, especially when distance separates you from home or family (support) or you normally live by yourself (without support). 

The Swing Bed Program provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services after an acute hospital stay. The purpose of the Swing Bed Program is to provide additional inpatient care to those who may need extra time to heal or strengthen before returning home. We are an in-patient support system to you that allows you to get stronger with us helping you along the way.

Depending upon your needs, your physician will order appropriate rehab services to facilitate your ongoing recovery after hospitalization. This may include Physical Therapy or Skilled Nursing Care. Whether you are hospitalized due to an illness, injury, or surgery, the Swing Bed Program allows you to receive follow-up care and acts as a bridge between acute care and home.
For more information on our Swing Bed Program, please call Chief Nursing Officer Susan Vaughan at 719-346-5311 ext 2843.