Double Knee at 83: Carolyn Feldhousen

May 9, 2024

Parke Wellness Rehab Center helped Carolyn Feldhousen recover from hip replacement surgery six years ago, so in 2023, when her knee pain grew bothersome enough that she knew it was time to do something about it, she reached out to her PT, Bryan Gorton, in advance.

“It turned out I needed both knees replaced,” she said. “I asked Bryan if I should do them one at a time or both at once. Together we decided that if I did some PT to get ready for surgery, I could manage double knee replacement. So that’s what I did.”

In the month leading up to surgery, Feldhousen came for preparatory PT twice a week. She also did prescribed exercises at home. “That really strengthened my muscles so I was able to go right on after surgery,” she said.

Feldhousen’s three kids—who live in Dallas and Denver—rotated staying with her in Burlington after the surgery. Back at Parke Wellness for outpatient PT, she progressed from a walker to a cane to no assistance in a matter of weeks. At home, she was faithful about keeping up with her workout and riding her recumbent stationary bike.

“I got through it wonderfully,” Feldhousen said. “I couldn’t be more pleased. My care at Parke Wellness was very good. They’re so easy to work with, and they answered all my questions and concerns. They went above and beyond. It’s been six months since my knee replacements, and they feel great. In fact, they feel so good that I sometimes forget I had them done.”