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All individuals entering our facilities will be expected to complete a COVID-19 screening, wear a mask, perform hand hygiene, and socially distance.!!!! Please remember if you experience any issues with our main line (719-346-5311) you can always dial our alternate numbers of (719)346-5312 or our toll-free number 1(844)452-2473 to reach our main line operator for any assistance.

286 16th Street Burlington, CO 80807 | Main Number: 719-346-5311, Toll Free: 1-844-452-2473

KCCMH Employment

Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital is a dynamic, growing organization and we are always searching for exceptional employees to join our team. View a list of job openings currently available at KCCMH by clicking the button below.

if you are an extraordinary individual with expertise and talent, we encourage you to fill out our online application, or call and discuss your career interests.

Fax your application to 719-346-4603.

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Nursing/Hospital Services

Taking care of patients since 1948, Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital is focus on quality care. We offer a variety of services and are dedicated to providing compassionate care.

Services at Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital Include:


Also known as Acute Care, involves daily provider management of the patient and 24-hour RN/LPN care. The goal is to rehabilitate and discharge patients when acute care is no longer necessary.

Emergency Room

Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital proudly boasts a designated Level IV Trauma
Center with providers on-call around the clock. It has two trauma bays and two exam rooms and is staffed with skilled trauma nurses who are dedicated to caring for all your emergency needs in a compassionate, efficient manner.

Our emergency department entrance is located on the north side of the hospital.


Kit Carson County Health Services District is honored to be partnering with CPR Anesthesia on a full time basis for anesthesia coverage. Additionally, by having a full time anesthesia provider available it allows surgeons to perform more cases locally, allowing patients to receive their care closer to home rather than driving long distances for the same care.

Swing Bed

Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital understands that recovering from surgery, an accident/injury, or illness can be very difficult, especially when distance separates you from home or family.

The Swing Bed Program provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services after an acute hospital stay. The purpose of the Swing Bed Program is to provide additional inpatient care to those needing extra time to heal or strengthen before returning home.

Depending upon the patient's needs, their provider will order appropriate rehab services to facilitate their ongoing recovery after hospitalization. This may include Physical Therapy or Skilled Nursing Care. Whether a patient is hospitalized for an illness, injury, or surgery, the Swing Bed Program allows patients to receive follow-up care and acts as a bridge between acute care and home.

Observation Care

Patients who have problems not normally qualifying of a hospital stay, is are able to stay for a specified amount of time for observation. Your provider will decide whether to release you from the hospital or admit you as an inpatient. Typically, a decision to release or admit is made within 24 hours.

PICC Lines

A PICC Line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) is a long plastic tube (catheter) which is put into one of the large veins in your arm over the elbow joint. The tube then passes through the large veins of the arm and shoulder and the tip of the tube is positioned in the big vein above the heart, this vein is called the superior vena cava. The PICC line is put in by a PICC clinician. The PICC can be used to give you treatments such as chemotherapy and antibiotics. It can also be used to take samples of your blood for testing. You can go home with the PICC and it can be left in for weeks or months. This makes it possible for you to have your treatment without having to have needles frequently inserted into your veins. This may be particularly helpful if your veins are hard to find or have been hardened by previous treatments. Click here for more information.

Outpatient nursing service

IV hydration
Low level of service

Located at:

Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital
286 16th Street
Burlington, CO 80807