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Lexiscan Stress Test


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What is a Lexi Scan Stress Test?

A Lexi Scan Stress Test, also known as a pharmacologic or chemical stress test, is used when traditional exercise-based stress tests are not feasible. This test is particularly useful for patients who are unable to exercise due to physical limitations.

The test involves the administration of a medication called Lexiscan (regadenoson), which simulates the effects of exercise by increasing blood flow to the heart. It helps doctors assess the blood flow to the heart muscle and identifies any areas with poor blood flow or damage.

Why is it Done?

Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease: The Lexi Scan helps in identifying blocked or narrowed arteries in the heart.
Evaluating Heart Function: It’s useful for assessing how well the heart pumps and determining the impact of previous heart attacks or procedures.
Guiding Treatment Plans: The results can help your healthcare team develop or modify your treatment plan.

What to Expect During the Test

Preparation: You’ll receive specific instructions regarding food, drink, and medication before the test. View Patient Instructions PDF
Procedure: Electrodes are placed on your chest to monitor your heart. A baseline scan is taken before the Lexiscan injection.
Lexiscan Administration: The medication is administered intravenously, and you may feel effects similar to exercise like a flushed feeling or shortness of breath.
Imaging: Images of your heart are taken while the Lexiscan is active in your system.
Post-Procedure: You will be monitored until the effects of the medication wear off.

Safety and Comfort

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. The Lexi Scan is generally safe, and our team will be with you throughout the process to ensure your well-being and address any concerns.