Welcome (Back), Sujatha Nallapareddy, M.D.!

November 1, 2022

Sujatha Nallapareddy, MD

Please join us in welcoming back oncologist Sujatha Nallapareddy to the KCCMH Specialty Clinic roster of providers. Dr. Nallapareddy will travel from her home base of Aurora, Colorado—where she has a busy practice at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers— to spend one day a month at KCCMH caring for patients with any type of cancer. If you recognize Dr. Nallapareddy’s name, it’s probably because she also provided care in Burlington from 2010-2017. Medicare rule changes caused the hiatus, but now we’re fortunate to have her back. Dr. Nallapareddy believes in a collaborative approach to patient care. Her patients describe her as an excellent, compassionate listener.

“The word ‘cancer’ makes anybody nervous, new patients are in panic mode. I try to ease their minds and spend time explaining their conditions and treatment options in as much as detail as they’d like. I also put myself in their shoes and treat them as I would a family member.”

A native of India who speaks Hindi and Telegu in addition to English, Dr. Nallapareddy first came to Colorado in 2006, to do her hematology and medical oncology fellowship at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She and her husband and two daughters love the mountains and the people here. In addition to travel, the family likes to hike and ski. Dr. Nallapareddy enjoys caring for patients in our rural community. “It’s always good to deliver care to people where they live,” she said. “But rural healthcare services are often very limited. We as a country need to improve that. That’s why I’m happy to be returning to Burlington, to help people.”

Once a KCCMH cancer patient is under her care, in addition to seeing them once a month in Burlington, Dr. Nallapareddy is also available to do virtual follow-up visits through KCCMH’s telehealth services online. “More and more, cancer is becoming a chronic illness with personalized treatment approaches,” said Dr. Nallapareddy, who is a strong advocate of clinical trials. “We’re prolonging not just quantity of life but also quality of life for cancer patients.”