Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital

Top Right: Dennis Vance, Dianne Vance, Angela Berry, Terry Pautler, Gary Pautler. Right Bottom Judy Standley, Glenda Gross, Virginia Burciaga, Bonnie Hilt.  Not Pictured:  Kim Davis and Christy Tomes.

KCCMH created a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) because we recognize that patients and families are valuable and critical resources. The purpose of our PFAC is to create a venue where staff, patients, and family advisors can work in partnership to identify and address challenges and improve patient experiences.

Patient Family Advisory Council Members

Angela Berry
Member since 2018-
KCCDPHE/SEP Program Manager

Bonnie Hilt
Member since 2017-
Family Farming Business

Judy Standley
Member since 2017-
Retired Pharmacy Technician

Glenda Gross
Member since 2019-
Retired/Board Member, on various boards in the community

Virginia Burciaga
Member since 2019-
Retired from KCCHHS, Medicaid Caseworker

Kim Davis
Member since 2019-
Family Farming Business/Substitute Teacher

Dianne and Denise Vance
Members since 2023-
Business Owners

Terri and Gary Pautler
Members since 2023-
Family Farming

Christy Tomes
Member since 2023-
Stay-at-home Mom, Community Volunteer

Patient and Family Advisors:

  • Feel comfortable to candidly share experiences and perspectives with our practice, both positive thoughts and constructive criticism.
  • Assist in planning, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement projects.
  • Maintain confidentiality of any sensitive information/material that may be during meetings.
  • Help our practice identify and implement strategies to support patients and families, improve their experiences with care, and strengthen communication and collaboration between health care providers and patients and families.

Patient and Family Advisor Goals:

  • Focus efforts on meaningful, collaborative projects, ensuring that there are regular opportunities for patient and family advisors to engage in the work to assess, redesign and evaluate the practice’s processes and procedures.
  • Share how patient and family advisors’ feedback has been implemented and how/when changes are being made to the practice.
  • Ask patient and family advisors periodically about their experience as advisors. Support them in creating a positive experience.