Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital Foundation

Scholarship Program

Guaranteeing the Future of Healthcare in Our Area

Are you looking to make an impact in the healthcare field? Do you want to give back to your local Kit Carson County community? Let us help you get started on your journey to making a difference.

Scholarship Application

About the Scholarship

Awards can be used towards tuition, books and fees for a healthcare related program or course and attainment of degree, licensure or certification. Upon completion, participate in a 1:1 year of service in a healthcare related endeavor that utilizes your education and is located in Kit Carson County.


  • Planning a career in healthcare or furthering an education in a healthcare field.

  • Accepted or enrolled in an accredited program or course leading to a degree, licensure, or certification in a healthcare field.

  • Demonstrate academic ability via a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale at the time of application and at the end of each grade period during the term of the award.

  • One year of employment in healthcare related position located in Kit Carson County for each year scholarship is provided.*

*The Foundation cannot guarantee future employment to any applicant. Failure to meet this requirement results in the full amount of funding provided by the Foundation becoming due and payable immediately. This amount may be converted to a loan upon request to the Foundation and must be approved by the Foundation Board members.

Application Process

The Board of Directors of the Foundation will meet once a year in May or June to consider scholarship applications. Deadline for receipt of the application for initial consideration is May 20th.

For any questions regarding scholarships, please contact Eric McArthur at 719-342-0118.

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